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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation assists in achieving facial balance and harmony. Lip augmention has become increasingly popular as more people become intrested in enhancing thier facial features. Lip reduction can improve QOL tremendously. Lip that are too large can affect daily routines such as eating, talking, or performing good oral hygiene.


I didn’t realize I could make my lips smaller until I visited Lexington Plastic Surgeons. They did such a wonderful job at making it look natural.


Lip augmentation as well as reduction achieves permanent results and improves lip shape and size to the patient’s desired look and in proportion to their face.  Lip procedures are sometimes performed in conjuction with rhinoplasty, facelifts & implants.

Lip procedures may provide the following benefits:

  • Enhanced or reduced size of lips to satisfy aesthetic desires
  • Revision of previously botched lip augmentation from the injection of too much silicone
  • Reconstruction for people born with congenital defects such as cleft lips
  • Recnstruction for accident or burn injury cases where lips healed with excess tissue

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