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    Selective Lipolysis by Ultrasound and RF Body Contouring technologies for Non surgical fat reduction . It is Non Invasive and Safe Pain free Non surgical fat reduction treatment Unique Ultra Module combining Cold and Hot mode for Body Reshaping Targeting only Fat cells with no damage to nerves, vessels or connective tissue. Uniform Module enhances the lymphatic drainage. Long lasting and no downtime Tightens the skin and improve body contour.

    The Accent Ultra is novel body contouring workstation, combining two state-of the-art technologies for safe, non-invasive and painless body reshaping. The Accent Ultra is the first real alternative for Non surgical fat reduction surgical procedures – with no down time, recuperation period, or uncomfortable side effects.

    Accent Ultra’s advanced body contouring treatment penetrates through the epidermis and dermis to the subcutaneous fat. The Ultrasound promotes the destruction of fat cells, which are eliminated by the body through Lymphatic drainage. The radiofrequency stimulates the production of collagen, improving metabolism and laxity of the skin. The Ultra module targets fat reduction and body contouring while the uniform module treats skin laxity and body contouring.

    The Ultra module combines two advanced ultrasound technologies to offer “gold standard” body reshaping: “cold mode” shear waves target the fat cells, and “hot mode” compression waves for thermally enhancing the process.

    Dispersed shear waves the dispersed shear waves gently deform the fat cell membrane integrity to induce a gradual and natural elimination of the cell. The surrounding non-fat cells tissue remains intact.

    Compression waves the compression waves preheat the target fat tissue enhancing the effectiveness of the shear waves.

    The Ultra module provided both a Hot mode and a ½cold mode ,for example,20 second cycles comprise alternating block of 5 seconds hot ULS followed by 15 Second cold ULS. The hot mode provided compressive Ultrasonic waves producing a high level of cavitation, where as the cold mode provided transverse acoustic waves, producing selective disruption of adipocyte membranes. The uniform can be used for massage only or for combined unipolor RF with massage. In combination ,the RF progressively increase Subcutaneous heat ,inducing thermal effects and increasing local metabolism while in parallel, the adjacent massage ring enhance micro ½circulation and facilitates drainages of trapped intercellular fluid to lymphatics and breakdown of fibrous adhesions.

    The combination of both modules during the same session offer an optimal damage to the fat cells for safe and long-lasting treatment, with no damage to nerves, vessels or connective tissue.

    IN SUMMARY The use of combined ULS and RF technology for fat modulation is safe and effective modality for the purpose of Non-invasive body contouring.44