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Dimple Creation

Some people want to have dimples as they see it as an attractive feature. If you want to get a cheek dimple, you don’t need to worry. With dimple creation surgery, it’s possible to create dimples through an operation. A slight incision on the inside of your cheek opposite your desired dimple location is made. Dissection is done through the zygomaticus muscle. A tiny permanent suture is placed between the muscle and the underside of the skin.

The suture should not be tightened to a great extent as it is not natural to have dimples when you are not smiling. Dimple creation surgery creates some bruising. What you need to keep in mind is that the dimple may not be long-lasting if the suture recovers within the first few weeks after the procedure. Deep or large indentations require the tissue to be removed, so this is not advisable. Dimple creation surgery is best done with the patient is awake so that they can see how the dimple looks when they smile.

This procedure is popular among men and women. It takes around ten minutes to perform and the recovery period takes around a week of bruising. Dimple creation surgery is reversible so if you don’t like the outcome, you can go back to your doctor to have it fixed. It is quite easy to cut the sutures in the first month after the surgery and you’ll know if the outcome is acceptable within this period.

People are now paying more attention to their appearance. Men and women of all ages have become more conscious about how they look. Plastic surgery has opened new ways for them to change their appearance in their desired way.

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