Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation particularly on the face are very disturbing. All the same pigmentation on other exposed body parts also bother a lot. Pigmentation are of various types & due to various reasons. Therefore a combination of technologies is required depending on the nature, extent & depth of the pigments. It requires great expertise to decide with which technology each patient should be treated. Different AFT heads, Diode Laser, QSwitch Nd :YAG 1064 / 532 & Pixel Er-Yag 2940 laser alone or in combination are used to achieve maximum & best possible relief & clearance.

Skin pigmentation can arise from various causes. Certain systemic and skin diseases can cause melanocytes to be overactive, resulting in darkening of the skin. Genetic predisposition to high melanocyte activity is another reason for certain skin pigmentation conditions to appear. Endocrine abnormalities affecting the hormonal balance of the body can also cause skin colour changes. Estrogen therapy and the use of oral contraceptives may affect Skin pigmentation .

In addition, certain drugs like chlorpromazine and hydroxychloroquine have an affinity for melanin and may cause pigmentation too. Pregnancy is also associated with increased skin pigmentation. Physical trauma and injury of the skin may result in post-inflammatory pigmentation(PIH).

Skin pigmentation treatment often needs combination of different lasers. So best results are possible only if all the above lasers are available. A very good remission in pigmentation to the tune of 90 to 95% is possible. Although level of satisfaction varies from patient to patient & is between 50 to 90%. Occasionally 100% remission is possible. Number of sittings vary, though most commonly 3 to 6 sittings suffice. .