Tummy Tuck Treatment

Tummy Tuck  also known as abdominoplasty , is the removal of excess fat & skin from the tummy (abdomen)in an attempt to make the tummy look flatter and smoother. In patients having large hanging skin fold in lower abdomen or when skin has lost its elasticity liposuction alone does not suffice. Also if abdominal muscles have lost their tone & are thin & lax tummy tuck is required.

Tummy tuck means large cut across the lower abdomen in suprapubic region – a long cut from one waist bone to other waist bone. It is like extended cut of cesarean on both sides. Tummy tuck is performed in both men and women. Not only is excess skin removed, the surgeon is also able to tighten the abdominal muscles which gives the abs that flatter, stronger, and well defined look. Very tight compression dressing helps in uneventful recovery. The tummy tuck surgery generally lasts a few hours. Usually just one day hospitalization is sufficient. Dressing is removed after one week & patient is given compression garments.

In case of Block Abdominoplasty – Liposuction is done first & then Tummy tuck is done to remove hanging excess skin fold in suprapubic region. If necessary abdominal muscle tightening is done additionally.