Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimple creation surgery is just one of the procedures available for those who want to have a dimple. A dimple is a Dimple creation in the cheek skin that appears when a person is smiling. It’s usually not visible when a person is not smiling. Dimples are an inherited trait and usually appear on both sides and seldom on only one side of the cheek.

Cheek dimples are caused by an abnormality of the zygomaticus muscle, which runs from the cheekbones to the corner of the mout

h. A cheek dimple occurs due to a hole or split in this muscle. The muscle contracts when the person smiles and the hole or split gets larger and sucks down the covering skin into it. This is why a cheek dimple is only seen when a person is smiling.

Some people want to have dimples as they see it as an attractive feature. If you want to get a cheek dimple, you don’t need to worry. With dimple creation surgery, it’s possible to create dimples through an operation. A slight incision on the inside of your cheek opposite your desired dimple location is made. Dissection is done through the zygomaticus muscle. A tiny permanent suture is placed between the muscle and the underside of the skin.

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