Under Eyes Dark Circles Treatment

Under eyes dark circles is most disturbing & very common problem. It gives one older look. A combination of lasers reduces problem to the tune of 90% to 95% .

Under eyes dark circles has three components. There is hyperpigmentation, hypervasularity & skin laxity. Each component needs to be treated with different laser.

Hyperpigmentation is treated with Pixel Er-Yag 2940 laser.
Hypervascularity is reduced with AFT 570 .|
Skin laxity is treated with AFT ST.

All three lasers canot be used simultaneously & are not required in all patients. AFT ST + Pixel Er-Yang or AFT ST + AFT 570 are used in same session.

Under eyes dark circles  circles can be caused by a host of different things from heredity to allergies to poor sleep. Treatments include eye cream, intense pulsed light therapy, skin resurfacing and injectable fillers, but before you choose one it’s important to determine the cause.This is a common problem and are frequently described as “tired eyes.” Although dark circles may be the result of facial aging, they can affect both men and women of all ages and have a variety of causes.

Under eyes dark circles causes include issues related to facial aging, lifestyle choices, and other causes, which include the following: Facial aging and dark circles

#Volume loss or fat descent in the cheeks
# Under eye volume loss
# Lower eyelid (canthus) laxity
# Thinning under eye skin|
# Bulging under eye fat

# Smoking
# Hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage
# Caffeine consumption
# Alcohol consumption
# Sleep deprivation
# Dehydration
# Dietary deficiencies

# Hyperpigmentation caused by melasma
# Allergies
# Nasal congestion
# Medical conditions (eczema, thyroid problems, etc.)
# Venous congestion in under eye blood vessels
# Environmental exposure
# Heredity

Laser resurfacing  may be used to help reduce dark circles by increasing collagen production, decreasing pigmentation problems, and improving overall skin quality. However, laser treatments  are most effective when used as part of a combination approach in treating dark circles.