Laser Acne Scars

A common cause of facial scarring is severe adolescent or adult acne. Although these scars persist long after the acne has subsided, they can often be minimized by using laser resurfacing.

Laser Acne scars treatment option improves overall skin tone and luster. For deep pitted scars shouldering is done with Er-Yag 2940 laser on localized areas & isolated scars to level skin from top. Immediately full face treatment is done with Pixel Er-Yag laser, which induces a process of collagen regeneration.

This results in filling of depressed scars & skin tightening. Treatment with Er-Yag laser also reduces pigmentation & improves texture of skin. Thereby resulting in fairer glowing younger look. Where the scars are very deep leading to skin laxity, which in turn results in older look in addition to Er-Yag laser few sittings with AFT-ST are required.

Laser Acne scars treatment is also recommended besides Acne scar for Sun damaged skin, Irregular pigmentation including sun spots and melasma, Irregular and rough complexion & Stretch marks and mild wrinkles.