Laser Scar Removal

scarring can result from virtually anything that damage the skin, from chicken pox to sports injuries, burns and surgery. The more severely the skin is damaged, the longer it will take to heal and the more likely it is that a noticeable scar will develop. Fortunately, scars are highly treatable.

Scars are a natural part of the skin’s healing process they can cause pain, inconvenience, and self-consciousness. Most small scars will become nearly invisible if given enough time to heal. But for scars that are large, thick, indented or raised, scar treatment is available to reduce their appearance. Laser scar removal is an excellent option for minimizing the appearance of scars.

Ugly Scars following Accidents, Burn Injuries & Surgeries are very common. It is not possible to remove the scars completely forever, however alone or in combination with surgery lasers can improve them substantially. They can be made almost invisible at conversational distance.

Er-Yag 2940 laser & Pixel Er-Yag 2940 laser in combination with AFT 570 & AFT-ST lasers are used commonly for scar improvement. Hypertrophic vascular scars are best treated with AFT 570 to reduce vascularity & AFT-ST to reduce hypertrophy by realigning collagen fibers. Whereas depressed scars are treated with Er-Yag 2940 by shouldering of a creator & Pixel Er-Yag 2940 laser by inducing collagen regeneration. Er-Yag 2940 laser is also used for elevated scars by doing tissue ablation.

Laser skin resurfacing is also used to reduce pigmentation & shinning of the scar. By reduction of hypervascularity, pigmentation & shinning of the scar they become inconspicuous & hardly noticeable at conversational distance.

Laser scar removal for acne and surgical scars uses fractional laser light to create micro-columns of coagulated tissue that extend deep into the dermis without ablating the epidermis.