Skin Resurfacing

Smooth plane glowing skin gives pleasing, attractive, aesthetic look. Pigmentation & scars of varied degree give dull lusterless uneven look. Laser Skin resurfacing is most effective way to revert to desired look. This is because skin resurfacing causes rejuvenation, smoothing of surface & removal of pigmentation.

Scars are a natural part of the skin healing process they can cause pain, inconvenience, and self-consciousness. Most small scars will become nearly invisible if given enough time to heal. However, these nearly invisible scars when conglomerated over spot / area are aesthetically unacceptable. In addition many times there are spots of pigmentation further deteriorating the appearance. Scarring can result from virtually anything that damage the skin, from chicken pox to sports injuries, burns and surgery. The more severely the skin is damaged, the longer it will take to heal and the more likely it is that a noticeable scar will develop. Scars are of different variety, however broadly they can be classified as shallow, deep pitted or elevated. .

Tissue ablation with Er-Yag 2940 in the form of shaving of elevated lesions or shouldering of crater like deep scar is useful in improving appearance. Ablation of upper layers of skin for prominent pores is necessary. Shallow scars & pigmentation are better treated with Pixel Er-Yag 2940 laser.

Most common cause of facial scarring is severe adolescent or adult acne. Although these scars persist long after the acne has subsided, they can be minimized or virtually eliminated by using laser resurfacing. Acne scar treatment improves overall skin tone and luster. For deep pitted scars shouldering is done with Er-Yag 2940 laser on localized areas & isolated scars to level skin from top. Immediately full face treatment is done with Pixel Er-Yag 2940 laser, which induces a process of collagen regeneration. This results in filling of depressed scars & skin tightening. Treatment with pixel Er-Yag laser also reduces pigmentation & improves texture of skin. This leads to fairer glowing younger look. Where the scars are very deep leading to skin laxity, which in turn results in older look, in addition to Er-Yag laser few sittings with AFT-ST are required for skin tightening. Acne scars are either depressed as on cheeks or elevated scebacoid scar on Nose & chin. .

Post burn superficial scars are thin, papery & shining. They can be improved significantly with Pixel Er-Yag laser. Post surgical scars are made unnoticeable with pixel Er-Yag laser & cross hatch marks are virtually eliminated with Er-Yag laser.